Facial ID

We designed our Facial iD midface and mandible reconstruction plates to meet the individual needs of you and your patients. These customised plates are manufactured to the planned patient outcome, eliminating the time needed for intraoperative adaptation. In collaboration with 3D Systems, Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) can be used to further enhance your patient outcomes.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

The value of true customisation

Personalised design session

During a design session, you can interface with a design engineer to select specific plate features such as profile height, length and run of the plate, number of screw holes, as well as individual bar strengthening.

Patient-specific design derived from patient CT or CBCT data

Our iD Solutions team creates a virtual reconstruction and an individual plate design with your online participation. Plate design is based upon a CT or CBCT scan of your patient.

Customisable design features

By selecting specific plate design features like profile height, length and run of the plate you can create patient-specific solutions. Specific screw hole positions are defined individually to avoid screw interference with nerves, tooth roots, osteotomies and existing or future implants.

Customised strength optimisation

CT data is segmented to create a 3D model of the patient’s bony anatomy. The total knee application allows a surgeon to manipulate the Triathlon implant on the patient’s virtual 3D anatomy taking into account the 6 degrees of freedom, implant alignment in all three planes, and consider key anatomic landmarks such as the transepicondylar axis, posterior condylar axis and the mechanical axis during planning.

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