The SecurFit Max Femoral Hip Stem has been built on more than a decade of experience. It represents the next generation Omnifit HA stem, which was established with more than 15 years of clinical success, and based on an effective stem geometry combined with Stryker’s proprietary PureFix hydroxylapatite formula.



The Stryker Orthopaedics SecurFit Plus Max Femoral Hip Stem complements the Secur-Fit Max Femoral Hip System by offering implants with an increased base head offset, a distal sizing matrix, and distal flutes. SecurFit Plus Max Stems address the more complicated issues of implant fit and fixation

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Increased Head Offset.

  • Offset options are available in both 132-degree and 127-degree neck angles. Joint stability may be achieved without lengthening the leg. These help to enable proper restoration of joint kinematics.

CP Titanium Arc Deposition.

  • Arc deposition is an advanced metal application process pioneered by Stryker Orthopaedics for orthopedic implant purposes. The proprietary arc deposition technology produces an abrasion-resistant, biocompatible CP Titanium coating that helps to enhance the implant friction fit and augments the load transfer capabilities of the underlying normalisations. It helps to provide an excellent coating for application of a HA surface treatment. It also helps to enhance proximal implant press-fit, helps increase rotational and axial stability, and helps to increase load-carrying capacity of proximal stem.


  • Normalisations are designed to convert shear stress to compressive loads for more efficient load transfer. They also help resist medial migration and subsidence and provide maximised projected area to resist rotation.

PureFix HA Coating.

  • Stryker’s clinically successful, 50µm thick PureFix HA coating demonstrates unprecedented clinical results in a multi-center study followed for more than 13 years.

Reduced Neck Geometry.

  • Reduced neck geometry features a narrow, ovoid, shot peened neck designed to optimise available range of motion, while maintaining strength.

Fluted/Cylindrical Distal Stem Geometry (SecurFit Plus Max).  

  • Provides distal stability and fit in a compromised distal canal with two distal diameters per proximal size

Multiple Distal Diameter Options (SecurFit Plus Max).  

  • The ability of an implant system to fit a variety of anomalous canal geometries is critical given the nature of complex primary and revision surgery. The Secur-Fit Plus Max Hip System has the ability to deal with proximal/distal sizing anomalies with one system of non-modular implants. With each implant, there are two distal diameters for each proximal size, and two proximal sizes for each distal diameter. This allows the option of four different proximal sizes within 1mm of distal reaming.

Distal Bullet-tip and Tri-slot Design (SecurFit Plus Max).  

  • Distal Tri-Slot Provides distal implant flexibility
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