"We're excited to welcome Mako into our organisation and combine their expertise in robotic arm assisted surgery with Stryker's innovations in joint reconstruction to further advance the growth of this compelling technology. The long-term potential offered by this technology platform holds the promise of transforming reconstructive surgery, increasing patient satisfaction and enhancing the experience for surgeons and hospital."

Kevin A. Lobo

President and CEO

Mako Overview

Mako Overview

Stryker acquired Mako Surgical Corporation in December 2013 with the goal of transforming the orthopaedic industry. The acquisition combines Stryker's market-leading implants enabled by Mako's proprietary robotic-arm assisted technology. The current Mako System offers Total Hip, Partial Knee and Total Knee arthroplasty applications.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Patient Specific Pre-operative Planning

  • Patient-specific pre-operative plan enables more accurate implant positioning.1-5

Functional Implant Positioning

  • Surgeon-controlled intra-operative adjustments can be made to optimise implant placement.2 

Robotic-arm Assisted Execution

  • Accurate placement of components with robotic precision

Trusted Implants

  • Combines Stryker's market leading implants with Mako proprietary robotic-arm assisted technology for partial knee and total hip arthroplasty
Market Leadership with Stryker

Market Leadership with Stryker

Australian and New Zealand Experience

  • Mako PKA introduced in 2015
  • Mako THA introduced in 2016
  • Mako TKA introduced in 2016, launching commercially at the AOA in October 2017
  • Over 2,000 robotic-arm assisted knee and hip procedures
  • 38 Mako robotic systems in Australia and New Zealand

Global Experience

Globally over 100,000 robotic-arm assisted knee and hip procedures

Over 10 years of robotic-arm assisted surgery experience

  • First robotic-arm assisted partial knee procedure in the world performed in June 2006
  • First robotic-arm assisted total hip procedure in the world performed in October 2010
  • First robotic-arm assisted total knee procedure in the world performed in June 2016
  • 400+ Mako robotic systems worldwide
  • Mako robotic systems used in 16 countries
Clinical Success

Clinical Success

Significant primary clinical research conducted:

  • 65+ peer-reviewed clinical publications
  • 350+ scientific abstracts

Mako PKA resulted in 1% Revision Rate and 92% Patient Satisfaction at 2 Years7.

Mako robotic-arm assisted PKA resulted in lower pain at day 7 and more accurate implant placement than manual PKA in a randomised control trial8.

Mako robotic-arm assisted THA resulted in higher Harris Hip Scores and higher UCLA Activity Scores compared to manual THA at minimum 1-year follow-up9.

Mako robotic-arm assisted TKA resulted in more accurate bone resections and implant placement and less soft tissue damage than manual TKA in a cadaveric study10,11.

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