Pivot CinchLock Knotless Anchor System

The Pivot CinchLock SS and Flex are designed for precise anchor placement in challenging locations in a one-click lock and release fashion.

About CinchLock

About CinchLock

Pivot CinchLock SS

  • Designed for precise anchor placement in challenging environments with optional-use Sport Sheath.
  • Allows for greater control over repairs with independent cinching capability and an internal suture locking feature to allow for fixation independent of bone quality.
  • “One-click lock and release” offers speed and simplicity by reducing surgical steps.

Pivot CinchLock Flex

  • Utilises flexible drill technology and a curved instrumentation system for shoulder and hip labral repair, allowing close proximity to the labrum on the glenoid and acetabular rim
  • The flexible anchor provides matched insertion and drill-hole trajectories, facilitating pin-point anchor placement and seamless implantation.
  • The “One-Click Lock and Release” Deployment System provides the anchor with speed and simplicity for the surgeon
  • Allows for independent cinching of sutures via direct tactile feedback and individual suture tensioning after insertion which provides total control to the surgeon
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