Surgical Solutions

Stryker is a leader in creating products that make surgery more efficient, reduce trauma and improve techniques. We are known for a wide range of innovative operating room products, from our leading surgical power tools to our market leading data management system.

Power Tools

System 8

Stryker’s System 8 power tools deliver more of the long-lasting reliability you trust. Built for your operating theatre. Built for your sterile processing department. And built to benefit your bottom line. In other words, built for the whole hospital.  

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System 7

System 7 design features were engineered based upon feedback from those in the healthcare industry who are directly affected by the performance of their heavy duty power tools.

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CD4 and SAB02

The cordless design of CD4 and SABO2 Sagittal Saw allows for maximum mobility in the sterile field.

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RemB represents our continued dedication to produce surgical instruments that are highly reliable and easy to use.

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Surgical Equipment

Neptune 2

The Neptune 2 Waste Management System provides you with the same level of commitment you offer to your patients.

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Pulsed Irrigation

Stryker's Pulse Irrigation advances the ease and performance of battery powered irrigation for Orthopaedics, Trauma, and Wound Care.

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Smart Pump

Stryker SmartPump tourniquet systems are the elite tourniquet systems offering superior performance and intuitive cuff controls.

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T5 Personal Protection

With the new battery-powered surgical light increasing visibility and range, the T5 Surgical Helmet keeps your vision of the surgical site clear and focused.

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Visualisation Equipment & Accessories

SERFAS Energy Probes

The 90-S Accelerator is the latest addition to the SERFAS Energy platform, and is designed to be Stryker’s most complete 90 degree suction probe.

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Theatre Integration


The need for Operating Theatre connectivity is more prevalent than ever, the Stryker’s ConnectSuite makes real-time video exchange throughout the hospital seamless and simple.

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Stryker’s FLEXiS systems offer modular solutions designed to provide efficiencies in the demanding environments in modern hospitals. 

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