Stryker’s EZout Powered Acetabular Revision System is the complete power tool system that gives you predictable, consistent results when removing non-cemented hemispherical acetabular cups during hip revision surgery.

Cut with controlled power

Cut with controlled power

  • The EZout System powers the cutting, so you can handle everything else.
  • The handpiece generates an oscillating saw motion.
  • A variable-speed trigger controls cut speed.
  • The sliding attachment handle controls the force, location and depth of cutting.

Gain superior outcomes

Gain superior outcomes

Controlled and precise cutting leads to improved results compared to manual cup revision tools.

The EZout System:

  • Produces 83% less stress in the bone, reducing the potential for fracture or damage.*
  • Results in 60% less bone loss after reaming.*
  • Requires a narrower operative space than manual tools, fitting under the femoral head and surrounding tissue.*
  • Is appropriate for all approaches, including direct anterior or other MIS.
Get predictable results

Get predictable results

Precision engineering provides predictable cut paths, so you can have confidence in every cut.

  • Centering plugs help ensure the attachment is accurately in the cup's centre.
  • Dual curvature blades follow the exact contour of the cup.
  • The blades' sawing motion results in a smooth cut plane.


Have confidence in consistency

Have confidence in consistency

The EZout System provides consistently better results compared to manual cup revision tools.

  • Consistently removes the cup in 3-5 minutes*
  • Requires 78% less physical exertion to remove a cup*

*Results from "A Comparative Study Between the Stryker EZout Powered Acetabular Revision System and the Zimmer Explant Acetabular Cup Removal System" submitted for publication using synthetic bone material in a controlled environment.

System Components

System Components


A dedicated, battery powered handpiece features a unique oscillating, rotational motion with variable-speed trigger for controlled cutting.



The attachment allows the user to control the depth of the blade while rotating 360 degrees around the circumference of the cup during cutting.




Each blade is optimised with curved tooth geometry and dual curvature radii to precisely follow the contour of the cup. Blades are offered in 17 sizes (42mm – 74mm cups), with short and long blades packaged together.



Plug sizing templates

The liner component is removed and used with these templates to determine the plug size required to match the inner diameter of the cup.



Centering plugs

Once sized, the centering plug is inserted into the cup and anchors the attachment to ensure a precise cut. The system includes 20 plug sizes (34mm – 60 mm).





Blade sizing tools

These discs anchor into the centering plug to measure the outer diameter of the cup being removed and determine the appropriate blade size.



Trial rod

The trial rod attaches to the blade sizing tools and centering plugs for improved access in the surgical site.



Riser rings

Riser rings stabilise the centering plug when used with shallow cup designs.



Insert tray

A dedicated insert tray designed to house all EZout System components in a standard ¾ by 8" sterilisation case or container.

Extra Resources

Extra Resources

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