Surgical Equipment

Stryker's goal is to improve the surgical and patient experience — by developing products that are more reliable and less complicated to use.


Zip is a non-invasive skin closure device for incisions and lacerations.

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Pulsed Irrigation

Stryker's Pulse Irrigation advances the ease and performance of battery powered irrigation for Orthopaedics, Trauma, and Wound Care.

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Smart Pump

Stryker SmartPump tourniquet systems are the elite tourniquet systems offering superior performance and intuitive cuff controls.

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T5 Personal Protection

With the new battery-powered surgical light increasing visibility and range, the T5 Surgical Helmet keeps your vision of the surgical site clear and focused.

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Neptune 2

The Neptune 2 Waste Management System provides you with the same level of commitment you offer to your patients.

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