Smart Pump

Stryker SmartPump tourniquet systems are the elite tourniquet systems offering superior performance and intuitive cuff controls.

Intuitive cuff controls simplify training and minimise the impact of staff turnover. Time or pressure settings may be changed quickly and safely using the unit’s “Set/Save” logic. New settings are activated only when saved. All controls deliver audible alerts should a user attempt an inappropriate control sequence.

Real-time cuff management is supported by logical, audible and visual alarms. Pressure variances are typically detected and corrected to the target pressure with real-time feedback.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

The SmartPump Dual Channel tourniquet system delivers complete operating room utility. It supports single cuff, Bier Block and bi-lateral procedures or simultaneous surgeries of both upper and lower extremity. The Dual Channel continuously monitors, controls and displays real-time cuff activities, each cuff’s pressure and inflation time settings are independently managed.

SmartPump Dual Channel tourniquet system offers:

  • Internal bladder design speeds cuff inflation rate
  • Simple, logical cuff controls minimise staff training
  • Internal battery feature provides safety backup for up to five hours


Tourniquet Colour Cuffs

Tourniquet Colour Cuffs

We have both Reusable and Disposable Tourniquet Colour Cuffs available. Our Reusable Colour Cuffs® are designed for durability, strength and extended use and feature a BarbLock™ retainer which enhances connector security by locking the connector to the hose. Our Disposable Colour Cuffs® combines its low profile, roll resistance and contour compliance to deliver uniform tourniquet pressure and eliminates the risk of cuff-borne cross contamination.

Colour Cuff’s patented bladder system offers:

  • Improved stability, roll resistance and contour compliance, delivering uniform tourniquet pressure
  • Low profile, stretch resistant bladder
  • Reinforced straps provide easy cuff positioning and security
  • Cuff ties provide a final level of alignment and safety
  • Colour coded cuffs that provide easy size identification, increased accuracy and a simplified inventory
  • Flexible edges for improved comfort
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