2x better1 
cosmetic appearance 

4x faster
than sutures

Zip is a non-invasive skin closure device for incisions and lacerations. Unlike sutures and staples, Zip uses an isolation zone and dynamic compression technology to create a puncture-free skin closure.4,7



Designed for better outcomes 3,4

Zip Surgical closes incisions with a gap of 5mm or less. It uses adhesives and a streamlined scaffold- structure to close skin.

Common applications and procedures

Zip comes in different lengths to accommodate the needs of various procedures and specialties. You can also trim, cut, and combine Zip for all types of incisions.

Some of the most common applications for Zip include:

Orthopaedics (total joints, foot & ankle, sports medicine, trauma, spine)



Plastic, reconstructive, and dermatologic surgery

General surgery




1. Protects with an isolation zone:

The scaffold-like structure creates an isolation zone around the wound, protecting it from

2. Increases flexibility with dynamic compression:

Dynamic compression maintains wound integrity while providing better flexibility.4

3. Designed to stick:

Adjustable design for better tension and alignment.1 Secure adhesion to the skin. Latex-free.

Why Zip matters

Why Zip matters

Creates a better experience for your patients

Increased range of motion during recovery 3, 4

Easier, faster, and less painful to apply and remove 2, 5, 4

Reduced scarring 4

Saves you cost and time

Fewer wound complications 6

Reduced post-discharge cost 8

No added pathways for bacteria 7

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