SERFAS Energy Probes

High Performance Ablation and Coagulation

The 90-S Accelerator and 90-S Cruise are the latest additions to the SERFAS Energy platform. They are designed to be Stryker’s most complete 90-degree suction probe. The Accelerator’s unmatched ablation and coagulation capabilities will enable surgeons to focus on technique and precision, allowing for the best possible outcomes.

The SERFAS energy platform encompasses a variety of procedural specific probes in standard and hip lengths. SERFAS Energy Probes are available in suction, ablation, cutting and small joint styles.



Suction Performance

The Symmetric Face Design generates more uniform plasma and maximises suction area allowing for a larger flow rate. This significantly increases the ablation rate, removes heated saline faster, significantly decreases bubbling, and reduces charring tissue.

Improved Design

Increased edges on the active electrode increase the power concentration points leading to quicker plasma generation.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • All SERFAS probes are designed with a hand piece that provides both comfort and utility with multiple button functions, allowing the surgeon to operate the cut and coagulation modes as well as change the power settings on the system
  • The hand-controlled feature provides an option to fully replace the need for a footswitch
  • The SERFAS Energy System offers both suction and non-suction probes
  • All probes are designed with a rigid shaft in order to prevent unwanted bending during aggressive use
  • Non-suction probes can be bent up to 45 degrees with the probe bender
  • Each disposable probe is designed with an integrated cable, allowing for easy case preparation and clean-up
  • Probes come equipped with a memory chip that contains specific optimised settings for each probe
  • Compatible with CROSSFIRE and CROSSFIRE 2 consoles
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